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How To Give A Spiritual Mind Treatment

Spiritual Mind Treatment is a technique of affirmative prayer, through which we command the Principle of Being, also known as The Law of Mind, to bring our specific good into tangible form. It is an art and it is a science. And now, through the new technique that follows, it will be an intimate conversation with the Absolute.

The purpose of treatment is the change of consciousness that brings about change of conditions. We treat to demonstrate higher consciousness and we treat to demonstrate specific good as tangible form. We know God to be Satisfying Good. Treatment enables us to accept this Satisfying Good, which is God, in wonderful ways that are specific to us and become our tangible form.

In the new technique, you will notice that we are talking to, and with, Spirit instead of about Spirit. Always speak your treatment from a place of knowing that God is what you are, and is always expressing Itself as you, through you and for you.

Do the following before you begin:

Spend time in visioning; seeing God Who is seeing you...beholding the Lover Who is loving you...perceiving the Perceiver Who is perceiving you. You will be in greater harmony with Spirit when you do this, and you will feel a closeness and warmth that will prepare you for the first or recognition step.

State who the treatment is for (yourself or another person), by name.

Have a clear intention of what you desire to demonstrate as a result of the treatment.

Speak your treatment out loud.

Give a separate treatment for each good you (or the person whom you are treating) desire.

•    Step One:  Recognition - Describe the nature of God - Tell God the Truth about Itself. Tell It to Itself. Name as many wonderful qualities of the Spirit that you can, Say: You, God, Infinite Love and Absolute Cause are all there is. You are Harmony Itself. You are Satisfying Good, Itself. You are Whole, Perfect and Complete.

•    Step Two:  Tell God the Truth about you or your client, Say: You, God, are Whole Perfect and Complete, and You are what I am. You, Beloved Spirit are expressing and experiencing Yourself as me, all the time.

•    Step Three:  Affirmation - State the Divine idea of the thing you desire, i.e., in a treatment for health you might say, You, God are Perfect Health. My body is Your body. Every cell and function and system and pattern of my body is You in action and demonstration. In this recognition, I now experience Your Perfect Wholeness as my perfect health.

•    Step Four:  Deny the denials of life. Declare that since God is all there is, there is nothing to be denied. State that any belief that you hold in your consciousness that denies that you are an expression of the All Good and Absolute Perfection as you, is through your word in Law erased and gone from your consciousness. There is, then, no stain, blemish or ill effect from your former belief in separation.

•    Step Five:  Restate your affirmation that the thing you desire has already been prepared for you. It already exists for you and you now have the consciousness to recognize, expect and accept it. The Law knows how to bring it about. God, as the Good that you have claimed in step three, is immediate, spontaneous and tangible to you and as you, right now.

•    Step Six:  Release the treatment to the Law of Mind, giving thanks that you now have the demonstration of your desire in and as tangible form, Say: I release this treatment into Your Law that makes it so for me, right now and right here. I rejoice in my immediate demonstration of You, in this specific way, its equivalent or greater.